Another Survey Question: Homosexuality

Another Survey Question: Homosexuality

A recent LA Times article titled 3 Former Leaders of Ex-Gay Ministry Apologize described the “wrenching human toll of…gay conversion efforts” rued by several former leaders of Exodus International. Here’s part of what they said:

Some who heard our message were compelled to try to change an integral part of themselves, bringing harm to themselves and their families. . . Although we acted in good faith, we have since witnessed the isolation, shame, fear and loss of faith that this message creates.

Presumably the “message” includes this statement from Exodus’ website:

For thirty years, Exodus International has offered hope and help to people seeking freedom from homosexuality. We believe and we have seen in thousands of lives that this freedom is possible through the power of God working in our hearts and minds.

Does that “power of God” work for some but not all? If not, why not? Are humans hard-wired for sexual orientation? My guess is that the three former Exodus leaders would affirm such a genetic basis. It may be hypothetical, but what if science eventually discovers an unmistakable biological connection?

What do you think? Here’s the question:

How would the discovery of a “gay gene” impact the Christian faith?

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