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The following comments from Reasons Institute students are representative of many who have expressed gratitude and have enhanced their abilities to address the challenges of effectively sharing their faith.

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"This course met and exceeded my long time expectations. I have already begun using what I learned in leading my Bible class and in common conversation."

—Dr. Nick T.

"Thank you guys for providing all this amazing instruction. This is my 5th [Reasons Institute] course. I do not have time for these courses, but they are the best part of my day. The structured instruction, reading and back up provided by RTB is just great. I am encouraging everyone to come running and take advantage of these programs. I only wish I could spend all my time on these subjects. I have certainly matured as a Christian, and I certainly have come to understand the Christian world view as Ken Samples instructs in the Critical Thinking course... Even though I am in my 5th decade and have been everywhere and seen everything, I now see the moon, sun, stars, animals, birds, insects in a whole new light. It is amazing."

"I really enjoyed [the World Religions and Science] class, and I learned a LOT! Prior to the class, I had very little knowledge of world religions, Biblical doctrines, and Christian apologetics. I also learned to think like a philosopher. Though it was extremely rigorous, the class was excellent overall and my experience was truly enriching."

"I pastor a church called Spirit of Joy Worship Center. Last year we were located next door to RTB in Glendora. The RTB office used to refer needy people to our ministry without us knowing. One day I walked into the office and Michelle recognized the name of the church and invited me to join the staff that was meeting to have lunch and learn from someone named Krista Bontrager. She really challenged me as a pastor and spoke truth about the word of God that has changed my ministry. This all happened prior to my son's accident and the church moving. We even celebrated a birthday while I was there. It was the sincerity and passion for truth that touched me. When I started at HIU, I never imagined that I would be taking Creation and the Bible. Now I know that the whole ministry is committed to spiritual passion and truth. I returned to the RTB office last week to buy the book Peril in Paradise and there was Michelle rejoicing because of the providence of God. I appreciate how the class kept me engaged with God and His word during a major crisis in my family. All praise and glory to the God of all creation."
—Pastor Ernie

"Thank you for another great course. Thank you for raising our awareness of God's glory and His revelations. Thank you also for pushing us and showing us that science and Christian values can help and support each other. [The Creation vs. Evolution] course and its materials have been very inspirational and give us lots to think about for the future."

"I have little scientific background and I have always basically left creation to my very limited knowledge and been OK with it… Well in this week's lecture something clicked and I started getting it, like really getting it. It totally enthused me and opened another window that I never had a desire to see before. I actually feel like I know something about stars and planets, and why they are stars and planets. And what they mean and do in the grand scheme of things."

"[Even though I am] not the science type, I too am having fun in this class. When I read the cell membrane thing in one of the handouts, the Holy Spirit quickened my heart. Suddenly there is a fire in me that can't wait to find the next piece of the gigantic creation puzzle. It's like discovering a clue to our existence and getting to know the heart of our Creator too. Science is now my friend!"

"This class has far exceeded my expectations. As I’m preparing for the final, I can actually understand most of what we learned over the past weeks which have gone incredibly fast. Although it has been a fire hydrant experience, the amount of information has been relevant and appropriate. 1) Like most of us, I didn't realize that there was such a huge division between YE & OE. But I can now understand both schools and even dialogue and discuss key points of the age of the earth, global vs. universal flood. 2) My 'fear factor' in engaging in creationism topics has gone down considerably. There is no apprehension in discussing this issue. I have no desire to debate, but I am open to dialogue. 3) Some have mentioned that the paradigms of YE & OE aren't even a significant issue within the church. Agreed. But outside the church, this can be an important issue. Society is keen on keeping this on the forefront. Time Magazine&'s November 13, 2006 issue is entitled 'God vs. Science.' Its March 13, 2006 is entitled 'The Untold Saga of Early Man in America.' I hold classes on apologetics and this topic has come up in discussions because members of the church are engaging with non-Christians. 4) This class has opened my eyes biblically. It has brought to light key passages such as Gen. 3:16 regarding pain, Gen. 3:17-19 regarding work, and 2 Pet. 3:6 'the world at that time.' The Word of God is inerrant but it's our interpretations that can be faulty and may need correction. 5) I have learned new principles philosophically. The Word of God is true but what nature and science tells us is also true. The definitions of Sola Scriptura and Biblicism are extremely helpful. Rom. 1:20 tells us we can know about God by what has been made. Thank you to Dr. Lennard and to my fellow students in making this a wonderful learning experience."

"I once thought that science was voodoo and it held no viable answers. However, I know that it does have its place in my faith. Thank you for a wonderful class."

"I am currently watching a TV show about the creation of the Universe and the source of life on earth. It is amazing all that I now understand after what I learned with you in my classes. With programs like that [TV show], it is just more difficult to talk about Christ unless you have the correct understanding, like we get through your class. I just want to thank you for RTB."

"I think that for me the most important thing was being able to look at science and discover that the evidence that science is uncovering is actually making a stronger and stronger case for the correctness of the biblical creation model. I have been amazed by the design features of the universe, the anthropic principle that points to such great care on the part of the Lord to fashion a just-right place for us to live."

"Just wanted to share a great experience I had last week sharing the RTB creation model with about 100 Chinese college students (mostly believers). This is having a great impact here encouraging these young students."
—John, completing the volunteer apologist training

"After reading several of RTB's books including the The Genesis Question, Creator and the Cosmos, Who was Adam?, and Origins of Life, I was compelled and excited to purchase Creation as Science. I have also been listening to the weekly update radio podcast. Both the books and podcasts have greatly boosted my faith and stimulated my desire to love God with all my mind. I heard through the podcasts and a paper I received with Creation as Science about the online courses that RTB has to offer and I wanted to look into it a little more. I am starting my first year at UCSD in two weeks.I am taking a 1 unit freshman seminar discussion-styled class dealing with the origins of life, basically comparing evolution, creation science, and ID that is being taught by an anthropologist professor that I am assuming is an atheist since another course he is teaching discusses the implications of our close genetical ties with chimps. I have been constantly digging into as many RTB resources as I have time for so I feel like I have a pretty solid foundation to hold onto as I start the classes. Finally, I wanted to sincerely thank yourself and every single person involved with RTB. During my earlier high school years, my faith became under pretty heavy attack from the evolutionary world view and without you guys I am not certain that I would still be a practicing Christian at this point."

"This course has shown me and gave me greater confidence that my faith is reasonable and is supported by a mound of evidence in divine special revelation and more and more in the discoveries of the workings in our physical universe. Now I can come into conversation with evolutionists and young Earth creationists with intelligent understanding of the basics of how the universe works and the Biblical support for an old universe creation view. I can have a civil conversation and not feel like I have no answers for the skeptic. Now that we have at least one, scientifically testable model that is Biblical in nature, I can rest assured. I no longer feel like I am at odds with what we know about the universe, there are no contradictory statements anymore. This new understanding makes better sense in light of God's sovereignty, in light of the physicality of this universe, the laws of physics, everything about the way it operates; I am no longer frustrated. I can help people understand who are questioning their view of creation and I can help bring people to faith that are held back by the seemingly unreasonableness of creationism. If I don't have all the answers, now I have a resource to point them to that gives them intelligent, scientifically provable, empirical facts about the observable universe."
—Jeremy, a student at King's College & Seminary

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