Project Description: Translating the Navigating Genesis study into Mandarin with technical excellence. Successfully publishing these works via digital press. 

Biography: Cynthia Cheung is a retired astrophysicist with a PhD from University of Maryland and an AB from University of California, Berkeley, both in astronomy. She has worked for 35 years in various roles for NASA space missions. She has significant experience in space science mission operations and data management, data archive interoperability, applied information technology, robotics and intelligent control systems, modeling and simulation, and education and public outreach. Her research interests included high energy astrophysics, stellar evolution, and nucleosynthesis. Her work experience spans contractor, government, and academic environments.

Cheung had a bicultural upbringing and became a Christian in Hong Kong when she was very young. She has served in leadership positions in college fellowships and Chinese churches in the US. She has given science and faith seminars at church retreats and Sunday schools, in both English and Chinese.