Meeting Location:

Tyndale University
3377 Bayview Ave. Room G206
Toronto, ON M2M 3S4

The RTB Toronto, ON Chapter is located in Canada’s largest city—the commercial capital and home to several world-class university campuses. As a result, a typical chapter meeting draws a very diverse crowd, with scientists and nonscientists alike. One of the hallmarks of the Toronto chapter is that it is a place where people feel welcomed and are treated with respect regardless of their questions or different perspectives. Our meetings typically host 50–60 people, with coffee and snacks available throughout the meeting.

We usually begin with a warm welcome from one of our leaders and then show an RTB DVD. Occasionally, we have live speakers presenting on various scientific topics, which serve to encourage our faith. If there are any recent scientific announcements that may have come out in the public square, we also use some time to interpret the findings from an RTB perspective.

Most meetings include a Q&A session led by one of our leaders before adjourning with time for people to interact and get to know someone new.

We look forward to meeting you and making you feel at home with us.