Meeting Location:

900 Main St. Ste. 104
Oregon City, OR 97045

The RTB Portland, OR Chapter is currently meeting online via Zoom. Links for the meetings are provided on chapter calendar announcements.

We are a diverse group from the Portland, OR region with the common interest in the intersection of science and the Christian faith. We strive to promote the work of RTB through our chapter meetings and events.

During this COVID-19 season, we are meeting via Zoom, and keeping our chapter meeting schedules flexible to be able to invite RTB scholars as their availability allows. Surprisingly, this mode of meeting has opened a wide spread of geographies, so feel free to join us even if you live outside of the Portland area.

We are currently focused on understanding the biblical and scientific aspects of the historical Adam, which has been a vibrant area of discussion within the apologetics community at large.  

Email us to sign up for our monthly chapter announcements at [email protected], and we hope to see you at our next chapter meeting.