Meeting Location

Journey Church
6201 S. Military Trail
Lake Worth, FL

Palm Beach County, the third most populous county in Florida, is considered part of the Miami metropolitan area, which sprawls northward from Miami-Dade through Broward County and Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach. It is bounded by the coastal settlements with national wetlands and farmland to the west.

This area is a major settlement for retirees and an active younger population working and raising families. Over 90% of the population has a high school diploma and almost 40% has a bachelor’s degree or higher. People in Palm Beach County are generally friendly, with a demographic distribution similar to national averages. Culturally on the edge of the Bible Belt, the county contains many well-attended churches ranging from small startups to large established ones.

In our Western culture, secularists suggest that science has either answered or will answer all relevant questions, and that religion is being squeezed out. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The RTB Palm Beach, FL Chapter exists to help people sort out how beautifully science and the Christian faith fit together. Meetings typically involve a video or presentation with lots of room for interaction and discussion. All questions and views are welcome! Please come and explore with us.