Meeting Location:

Zoom Video Teleconferencing
Please contact Melbourne chapter via email for the meeting link.

You are invited to the RTB Melbourne, FL Chapter meetings on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM, on Zoom Video Teleconferencing. Our chapter draws in folks from Florida’s Space and Treasure Coasts and beyond. Rich in scientific and engineering talent, Melbourne is home to several large companies on the leading edge of technological progress.

Many of the RTB Melbourne, FL Chapter members work in science and engineering fields. However, our chapter also includes members from different disciplines, as well as retirees and homemakers. We typically draw about 15 men and women of all ages. Our heart’s desire is to experience together the wonder of God’s universe and to sharpen our understanding of how he is manifested in it.

Our monthly meetings include lively discussions, where participants are engaged, listened to, challenged, and respected. If you need some nighttime stimulus without caffeine, come join us for our next meeting—you’ll go home energized and impassioned to think. We watch one or two half-hour videos on cutting-edge topics, followed by discussion. Many different views and opinions are shared; an atmosphere of tolerance and respect is a consistent hallmark of our chapter meetings.