Meeting Location:

The University of North Florida
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With its consolidated city-county government, Jacksonville covers 841 square miles, making it the largest city in the continental United States by geographic measure. Within its borders are many institutions of higher learning, both secular and sacred, as well as high-tech industries ranging from aerospace to the US Navy.

The RTB Jacksonville, FL Chapter brings a local focus to the ministry of Reasons to Believe, spreading the gospel through sound reason and scientific research. Our approach is to hold a high view of Scripture, acknowledge the legitimacy of the scientific enterprise, and integrate the knowledge gained from both to build a more complete understanding of God’s creation.

We meet on the third Friday of each month, 7:00–-9:00 PM. Please join us as we gather to explore how the record of nature and the words of the Bible provide ever-increasing reasons to believe in Jesus Christ as Creator and Savior.