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Enjoy this collection of interviews, debates, and other audio resources from RTB scholars.


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Introducing The Jeff and Mike Show
The Scientist And The Storyteller - Part 1 Jeff (the Astrophysicist) and Mike (the Hollywood Producer) explain what they know about each other’s professions. Then...
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Controversial Issues in Geology
Download Outline and Key Points PDF (180 KB) by Pat McGuire, Steve Keyes, and Jim Chatham Presentation Personal testimony Issues in geology Greenland ice cores Limestone deposits Chalk reservoirs Radioisotope dating Polystrate...
Geology & Earth
by Fazale Rana Listen
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Discipling Christian Teens
Krista Bontrager, Dean of Online Instruction, interviews homeschool dad, Rusty Lopez, and his daughter, Autumn, about some of their family's strategies for discipling the...
by Krista Bontrager Listen