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RTB Covers Breaking News: Gravitational Waves From Black Holes Detected

By - February 11, 2016

Breaking News: Scientists have detected the first-ever evidence of gravitational waves through a pair of L-shaped antennas, known as LIGO. This momentous discovery is the last piece in proving Einstein’s theory of general relativity. It’s also significant in apologetics as it offers substantial support for a biblical creation model. What other scientific developments might come from this historic discovery? We’ve offered some initial resources here. Check back with us for additional resources as this news story develops.

Image Credit: New York Times http://nyti.ms/1PPtjQP 



Today, a team of physicists announced a discovery that almost certainly will win the Nobel Prize in physics. It is a...

Posted by Hugh Ross on Thursday, February 11, 2016

NYT article- http://nyti.ms/1PPtjQP 



"General Relativity Wins an Old Debate" (Article)

"New Lower Limit for Gravitational Wave Energy Density" (Article)

"Predictive Power Confirming Cosmic Radiation" (Article)

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