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Podcast Review: Curiosity, Prayer, the Occult, and More

By Kenneth R. Samples - November 8, 2011

In addition to blog posts, I also address Christian worldview issues and critical thinking on a couple of RTB podcasts. Straight Thinking, my primary podcast, highlights the importance of the life of the Christian mind. I also make appearances with my fellow RTB scholars on I Didn’t Know That!, where we offer unscripted answers to listener questions.

Here are some of the latest episodes from both podcasts.

Straight Thinking                                              

  • “Did God Create the Universe” 3-part series — The Discovery Channel premiered their new show Curiosity with one of the most important questions of all: Did God create the universe? Among the commentators on the show was world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, who emphatically stated that God does not exist and we don’t need Him to explain the universe. In response to this show, I gather together RTB’s team of physicists/astronomers—Hugh Ross, Jeff Zweerink, and Dave Rogstad—for a vigorous round-table discussion of the evidence for God’s existence and the impact of worldview on scientists’ theological perspectives.
  • “The Tricky Topic of Halloween” — In this classic Straight Thinking episode I respond to a listener’s criticism on my stance on the controversial holiday, Halloween.

I Didn’t Know That!

  • October 19, 2011 episode with Jeff Zweerink and Dave Rogstad —The listener questions for this episode spark in-depth discussions on how we know we’re not living in a Matrix-like simulation, the power of prayer and directing prayer to Christ, and the Islamic claim of descent from Ishmael.
  • October 25, 2011 episode with Hugh Ross and Fazale Rana — The topics covered on this episode include how to gain support as an old-earth oriented missionary, the irrefutability of macroevolution, and so-called post-Flood evolution used to support young-earth creationism. In particular, an anonymous submission fuels a discussion of occultic activities, their dangerous spiritual consequences, and how Christians should deal with people involved in these things.

If you want to submit a question for I Didn’t Know That! or comment on Straight Thinking, email ask@reasons.org. Please remember to keep your inquiries succinct.

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