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Ken's Top 50 WWII Films, Part 2

By Kenneth R. Samples - June 14, 2011

blog__inline--ken-s-top-50-wwii-films-part-2In honor of the anniversary of D-Day (June 6), I’m presenting my favorite World War II feature films and made-for-TV movies. See part 1 for the first 25 films.

My favorite movies about World War II are those that reveal insights into the human condition of the brave men who fought this catastrophic war. Realistic fighting scenes and historic military technology also warrant my steadfast attention.

Ken’s Top 50 WWII Movies (26–50)

26. Windtalkers
27. The Enemy Below
28. Twelve O’Clock High
29. The Dirty Dozen
30. Where Eagles Dare
31. Bataan
32. The Bridge on the River Kwai
33. The Guns of Navarone
34. The Bridge at Remagen
35. Life Is Beautiful
36. From Here to Eternity
37. A Bridge Too Far
38. Battle of Britain
39. Stalag 17
40. The Big Red One
41. The Desert Rats
42. The Devil’s Brigade
43. Sink the Bismark!
44. Thirty Seconds over Tokyo
45. Between Heaven and Hell
46. Von Ryan’s Express
47. The Thin Red Line
48. Kelly’s Heroes
49. Hart’s War
50. Das Boot

No one likes the price of war, but sometimes combat is absolutely necessary. (See a previous post for an outline of just war theory.) I encourage you to visit a national cemetery and pay your respects to those brave Americans who gave their lives for our freedom.

For study concerning the ethics of war from a Christian perspective, see, Evangelical Ethics, 3rd ed. by John Jefferson Davis and The Life and Death Debate by J. P. Moreland and Norman L. Geisler.

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