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Joe Akins

Joe Akins

Visiting Scholar Dates: October 2016–October 2017

Joe Akins lives in Chino Hills, California, and works as registered nurse (RN) in the Cardiac Catheterization and Electrophysiology Lab at Pomona Valley Health Medical Center. Prior to his work as an RN, Joe was a Navy corpsman for the Marines. He also earned a PhD in experimental geophysics from the California Institute of Technology.

The journey Joe has taken from being an atheist to a born-again Christian is quite a remarkable one. He became a Christian in 2006 through what he would refer to as giving “intellectual assent,” but shares that his commitment to “saving faith” wasn’t until 2013. His faith journey began when he met his wife Veronika. They were listening to a radio message from Pastor Chuck Smith, of the Calvary Chapel movement, as he shared that seekers who hold to an old-earth perspective should read Hugh Ross’s book The Fingerprint of God. This book, along with several others from RTB, deeply resonated with Joe and he began attending Dr. Ross’s Paradoxes class.

Joe and Veronika have a passion for reaching out to young-earth proponents in their church. Together, Joe and Veronika now homeschool their children and hope to continue participating in and developing a classical education group for Christian students.

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